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chatting to Natalie This is the website where you can find out all about my dance classes and events

  • FitSteps and other dance classes
  • charity and community events such as Witney Pink Day
  • fun specials; Summer Sizzlers and Glitter and Glamour dance parties.

Also on this site I'm going to be writing about the health benefits of dance - so much in the media at the moment, and giving you more info about the different styles of dance I use as well as a little background info about me!


A little bit about me

Ever since I lined up my long suffering friends in the school playground I have loved to teach dance, especially to those who describe themselves as having "two left feet". I have been lucky enough to have had training in Ballet, Contemporary and many other dance disciplines as well as performing and choreographing in a wide variety of settings but it was with the launch of FitSteps® in 2013 that I really found my feet (sorry!). This wonderful mix of dance styles and music has provided a fun and friendly framework for beginner and experienced dancers and I love it! 

Class Members Say

"Where did this sweat come from? I was having such fun dancing I never noticed it"      "You bring such joy to the class"     "You are a great teacher and you always make it fun!"     "I haven't had so much pleasure exercising in a long long time"



WHERE and WHEN are your classes?                 

See the EVENTS page  - linked to the excellent "Are You Dancing" website

WHAT will I be doing?                                     

At FitSteps - lots of fitness routines based on classic dance steps - think Waltz, Jive, Tango Salsa etc.  The "Showdance" class focuses on gradually learning just one or two longer routines at a time and warms up with classic Ballet and Contemporary moves. Parties are a gentler mix of  FitSteps, Ballroom party fun and food!

WHAT should I wear?                                     

Stretchy clothing, eg a long sleeved top over a t shirt with leggings, trainers for FitSteps, some people like to wear Jazz shoes if they're keeping to low impact moves.

WHERE can I find out more about FitSteps?

The FitSteps website has info about Masterclasses and other events, FitSteps DVDs and clothing to buy, and more about the history of FitSteps and the "Strictly" professionals who train us, the Instructors. 

HOW much does it cost? AND CAN I JUST TURN UP?

Around £5 a class and yes of course , have a taster at any class for £5 or  Bring a friend for Buy One Get One Free! 





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